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Thomas Lieb, CLSO

Thomas Lieb, CLSOAlong with graduate studies in optical physics and mathematics Thomas Lieb holds BS/BA in Business from the University of Redlands. Working initially in telecommunications, he was involved in the first application of optical communication systems for commercial use. In the early years in the laser industry, he worked to improve the optical design performance of several laser products used in the rugged construction industry. While at major laser companies, he held several senior management positions including; General Manager of a Business Unit; Manager - International Marketing; Manager of Quality and Reliability; and Regulatory Affairs Officer (at a medical-surgical laser company). Thomas Lieb has guided L*A*I since 1988 as President and continues as the company's principal consultant. Since joining L*A*I, Mr. Lieb has managed comprehensive R & D projects, guided integration of laser optical systems, developed management and laser safety training programs, and taught under-graduate engineering courses in Introduction to Laser Technology. In addition to overseeing the company’s compliance design and assembly/integration operations, Mr. Lieb is a board Certified Laser Safety Officer. and regularly consults for safety companies. As a Laser Safety Consultant, he provides both US and EC laser safety guidance, and often fills the role of consultant to Test Houses and Notified Bodies (UL, TUV Rheinland) for the laser portion of EC Mark certification.

Mr. Lieb is a participant in BALSO (Bay Area Laser Safety Officers) and member of the ANSI Z136 Accredited Standards Committee. Selected as Chairman of the Z 136 Sub-committee on Lasers in Manufacturing, Mr. Lieb is also a delegate to AWS C7C; ANSI B11.21; ISO TC 172/SC 9; and IEC TC 76, as well as having been project leader and the principle non-European author of ISO's Safety Standard for Machines Using Lasers in Material Processing (ISO/IEC 11553-1, -2, -3), and has contributed to the subcommittees for Benchmarks on both laser cutting & laser welding. He is currently Chair of IEC/TC 76 WG 10, Secretary of IEC/TC 76 WG 7, Secretary to ISO/TC 172/SC 9 WG 5, and the Technical Committee Liaison for IEC/TC 76. Mr. Lieb has authored a variety of technical papers and articles on industrial lasers, and lasers for use in the EC, including contribution to the textbook Laser Materials Processing, Migliore, et al, 1996 and to the trade publications "Photonics Spectra" and "The Fabricator.", and participated in the compilation of LIA’s guidebook for Best LSO Practices. Mr. Lieb was recently elected to the Laser Institute of America's Board of Directors for the 2010-2012 term, and is also participating on the Board of Laser Safety.

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