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Laz-R-Barriers™ (formerly manufactured by Wilson)

Laser Barriers and Curtains, formerly manufactured by Wilson

Laz-R-Barriers™ Laser Barriers

LP-200R Laz-R-Barriers™, formerly manufactured by Wilson, are now part of the RLI product line.

In addition to portable frame sections, Laz-R-Barriers™ laser barriers can be designed for custom installations.

For more information about these laser barriers that were formerly manufactured by Wilson, please contact an RLI sales representative by email or by phone at (800) 94-LASER.

  • Curtains can be manufactured to accordion fold

  • 100 W/cm² Single Layer construction for exposures at irradiance levels up to 100 seconds and beam sizes of 5 mm

An assortment of specialty fabrics designed to provide protection from reflected laser beams can be fabricated into most curtain sizes and design shapes. Total enclosures, including roof, are available.

Laz-R-Barriers™, formerly manufactured by Wilson  
Laz-R-Barriers™, formerly manufactured by Wilson

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