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Laser Barrier Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know which material is right for my application?

Rockwell Laser Industries uses in-house software that determines the separation distance based on information provided. Call Pat Cogan for additional information, or, fill out the Barrier Calculation Form and email it back to Pat.


What type of hardware do I use for my ceiling?

There are 3 main types of hardware that we offer:

  • Threaded rod hardware for dropped ceilings, or high ceiling environments
  • Direct ceiling install in which the hardware gets secured directly to the ceiling
  • Floor support hardware which typically requires no drilling or “permanent” installations

Does RLI carry an interlocking curtain?

Yes. We do carry an interlocking curtain that can be directly interfaced to your laser system so that if the curtain is left open, the laser cannot be turned on. Or, if the curtain is open during “normal operation”, the laser can either be shuttered, or turned off depending on its interface. Call Pat Cogan for additional information.


What do I need to do to receive an estimate from RLI?

Simply email Pat Cogan, or give him a call (513) 272-9905. A rough hand drawing with dimensions along with material type should be enough information to get the quoting process started. Pat Cogan will follow up with a phone call to further discuss key details, if necessary.


What are estimated shipping costs for laser curtains?

Shipping costs are determined by a number of factors: weight, dimensions, number of packages, etc. However, typical shipping charges are around $120.00, shipping via trucking company.