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Coherent PowerMax-USB UV/VIS Wand

Coherent PowerMax-USB UV/VIS Wand

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The PowerMax-USB UV/VIS Wand sensor from Coherent incorporates a Silicon photodiode, for laser power measurement from 8.5μW to 140mW. This sensor features a plug and play USB interface connecting directly to your PC without the need for additional meter instrument. This platform provides a more cost competitive solution to the traditional sensor/meter combination. Additionally, recalibration cost will be cut in half because only one recalibration is required versus recalibration of sensor and meter.

  • USB plug and play interface
  • Large 8mm Aperture
  • Low power measurement down to 8.5μW
  • Data logging
  • Trending, tuning and histogram
  • Statistics (Mean, minimum, maximum and standard deviation)
  • Operate multiple devices simultaneously

Wavelength Range (nm) 325 - 1065
Power Range 8.5 μW to >140 mW
Noise Equivalent Power (nW) 170
Maximum Power Density (W/cm²)   20
Response Time (s) 0.5
Detector Element Silicon
Optic Diffuse Quartz
Detector Diameter (mm) 8
Calibration Uncertainty (%)(k=2) ±1
Power Linearity (%) ±1
Spectral Compensation Accuracy (%)   ±4 (325 to 900 nm)
±5 (900 to 1065 nm)
Calibration Wavelength (nm) 514
Cooling Method Air
Cable Type USB (Meterless)
Cable Length (m) 2.5
Coherent P/N 1212310