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Terminator II™ Beam Stop (With absorber insert)

Terminator II™ Beam Stop (With absorber insert)

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The RLI Terminator II™ is an open rectangular-shaped metal box (two-sided and the top) that is covered internally with a high temperature matrix absorber material that serves as both a beam and temperature trapping agent. The Terminator II™ is designed to withstand irradiance levels of 300 W/cm2 and is ideal for lasers with total average powers of 100 watts or less. This is ideal in both lab or industrial settings and is especially useful on a optical bench to cover “beam bender” optics or anywhere that a stray beam may occur that requires trapping to enhance safety.

The Terminator II™ is designed to provide personnel protection from either direct and/or scattered laser light that occurs in a laboratory setting or during service procedures in an industrial or medical environment.

The durable, lightweight Terminator II™ is specially fabricated to fit over and around components such as mirror mounts without obstructing the beam path. They may be easily placed at any location where beam termination is desired. Including positioning to provide optimum blockage of a direct beam. Ideal For Use in laboratory optics setups, during service procedures, with permanent laser displays, as a total-beam stop absorber and to reduce unwanted beam reflections.

Fabricated from heavy gauge sheet metal in a rectangular format. The Terminator II™ has an oven baked black enamel finish on the outside and the absorbing matrix material on the inside. The absorbing matrix is attached with Velcro strips for easy replacement.

Dimensions: 10 (H) x 6 (W) x 6 (0) inches.


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