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Laser Safety Windows for Copper Vapor 578

Laser Windows

Laser Protective Windows

Laser Safety Officers have the option of using laser protective windows instead of eyewear to protect those who are required to watch laser activities.

Windows are available for most common lasers such as Nd:YAG, Argon, CO2, Excimer, HeNe, Diodes, Ruby and Broadband in a standard size of 2 feet x 3 feet, but can be cut to any smaller size upon request.

In some cases, larger sizes may be available as a special order.

W-P-585 DYE/140
VLT: 26%


190 - 3755
575 - 5903
578 - 5885
580 - 5856
VLT: 18%


190 - 7202
190 - 3755
590 - 7103
600 - 7004
610 - 6945
647 - 6946

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