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Laser Barrier and Curtain Configurations


Installation Methods:

  • Ceiling mounting (accordion fold)
  • Freestanding floor screens
  • Magnetic window covers
  • Velcro windows covers
  • Snap window covers

Special Features Available:

  • Laser warning sign (pocket mount)
  • Viewing windows
  • Locking Casters (floor mounts)
  • Velcro mounted corner gussets
  • Laz-R-Shroud is light gray color
  • Lo-Bar is black in color
  • Optional integrated interlocks
  • Filtered observation windows
  • Special Class 1000 Clean Room units

Floor Mount Configurations


Ceiling Mount Configuration


Guide to Ordering Sliding or Roller Curtains

Measure area you wish to enclose or divide (lengths, widths, and heights).

  • Select corners
    • Right angle for normal use
    • Curved track to move curtains around corners (curved track has a 2 foot radius, requiring 2 feet less straight track on either side of curve).
  • Selecting mounting hardware - provide one support every 10 foot; closer for heavy or very tall curtains. Select from four mounting types:
    • Suspended - hung from overhead support by chain or threaded rod.
    • Ceiling - mounts track flush against flat ceiling surface. (Plan for 2 inches between top edge of curtain and ceiling to accommodate hardware).
    • Wall - mounts track flush against or perpendicular to walls.
    • Floor - for freestanding partitions up to 8 foot high.
  • Rollers - order one roller for each foot of width plus one more per curtain.

NOTE: When fractions of a foot are ordered, individual curtains and straight tracks are priced to the next larger foot per dimension.


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