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Laser-Gard® Optical Table Barrier Sample Kit

Laser-Gard® Optical Table Barrier Sample Kit

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Sample kit with 2 panels (one standard and one adjustable panel)

Spacing of first hole from edge of table: ½" (12.5mm) or 1" (25mm)

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The patent-pending Laser-Gard® Barrier System offers a unique, customizable way to securely enclose a laser set-up on an optical table, thereby enhancing experimental conditions while safeguarding personnel from exposure to laser radiation. The Laser-Gard® Barrier System provides a controlled environment that optimizes experiment conditions by considerably reducing interference from air turbulence, ambient light and dust. At the same time, the laser protective panels ensure a safe working environment by reducing the risk of direct exposure to laser radiation.

The Laser-Gard® Barrier System is a flexible, modular system that is easy to install and adjust to the exact size of your optical table. The modular design effectively combines ease of access with added safety features.

Each panel is equipped with a safety locking mechanism that prevents unintended access and consequent exposure to laser radiation. This safety locking mechanism incorporates a visual indicator (lock indicator label) that clearly identifies whether or not the panel is properly closed. Access to the optical table remains quick and easy by simply flipping down a side panel, but it must be a conscious action.


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