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Laser Safety Orientation

Laser Safety Orientation

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Length: 02:22:15 (121 slides)


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AAHP has awarded this course 2 CEC (2017-00-095). ABIH has previously awarded CM credit for this event. The current event contains 2.5 hours which can be claimed for .4175 CM Credit. This course is eligible for .25 Recertification points BCSP Category 7. The BLS has awarded this course .5 CM points (106-34449).



This introductory course covers laser safety requirements in the manufacturing environment. It is based on the ANSI Z-136.1-2022 "For Safe Use of Lasers" Standard, as well as CDRH and OSHA. The course is designed for those who operate, service and maintain laser systems.


Course Contents:

  • Module 1: Characteristics of Lasers and Laser Light - explains how lasers function and the characteristics of laser light, and how these characteristics affect laser safety.
  • Module 2: Biological Effects on Human Skin and Eyes & Non-Beam Hazards
  • Module 3: Laser Accidents - explains how laser accidents have occurred and how they can be avoided.
  • Module 4: Laser Classifications - explains the classification of lasers into hazard classes and the types of hazards associated with each class.
  • Module 5: Laser Safety Standards - explains the two major laser safety standards used in the United States and how they are applied to laser equipment and laser use situations.
  • Module 6: Laser Hazard Analysis - discusses items in a basic laser hazard analysis.
  • Module 7: Laser Control Measures - explains laser control measures and their place in a safe Laser work environment.


Course Objectives

  • To understand laser safety policies and procedures
  • To better understand laser safety and to learn where to get more information
  • To understand the major hazards of lasers
  • To know your own laser safety responsibilities
  • To know the responsibilities of the LSO


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In order to receive a certificate of completion, the student must pass the quiz at the end of the course. If you do not wish to take the quiz, please let us know upon purchase. Only one certificate will be provided for each course seat purchased.

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This course can be customized to your specific needs.

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