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Laser Sentry™ Entryway Control System

Laser Sentry™ Entryway Control System

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The microprocessor based Laser Sentry™ door and laser control system manages entry, egress and laser emission to areas in which there is accessible and/or exposed laser energy.

The Laser Sentry™ can be utilized as part of a system to meet the "Entryway Safety Controls" as specified by ANSI Z136.1 (2014),, Entryway Controls (American National Standard for the Safe User of Lasers).

The Laser Sentry™ main control module is housed in a convenient wall mount enclosure with front mounted controls and is used with other components like magnetic door reed switches, magnetic door latches, entry keypads, remote pushbuttons, lighted safety signs, and other devices. A typical installation may be completed in a few hours.

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