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Advanced Veterinary Laser Safety

Advanced Veterinary Laser Safety

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Length: 96 Minutes (134 slides)


Contact Hours

This program has been approved for 1.25 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval. RACE Program Number: 1624-42734.



This course is broken down into five sections: “Physics”, “Medical Devices”, “Beam Hazards”, “Non-Beam Hazards“, and “The Laser Safety Program”.

The “Physics“ section will introduce you to the properties and physics of laser light. The “Medical Devices” section will discuss how this unique form of light interacts with different absorbers in tissue along with a variety of different medical lasers, delivery systems and the key specialties utilizing this technology. The third and fourth sections address beam and non-beam hazards associated with lasers. The last section will address the process of establishing Laser Safety Policies and Procedures, which will become the baseline for developing a clinically relevant Laser Safety Program.


Course Contents:

  • Physics
  • Medical Devices
  • Beam and Non-Beam Hazards
  • Laser Safety Policies and Procedures


Course Objectives:

  • Discuss basic laser science as the foundation for staff, Laser Operators, Laser Users and/or Laser Safety Officers.
  • Identify the components of commonly used medical lasers and their delivery systems.
  • Determine the beam and non-beam hazards associated with medical laser systems.
  • Describe the significance of the ANSI Z136.3 standard to all clinical environments utilizing laser devices.
  • Describe what control measures are needed for beam and non-beam hazards to ensure safe practice.
  • Understand how to apply international, national, state, and local regulatory and non- governmental standards to facility safety programs.
  • Discuss how a laser safety program shall be established within one’s facility.

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