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ANSI Z136.5-2020 "Safe Use of Lasers in Educational Institutions"

ANSI Z136.5-2020 "Safe Use of Lasers in Educational Institutions"

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ST-ANSI Z136.5-2020-PAPER


This standard applies laser safety to the unique environments associated with educational institutions. Such settings include teaching laboratories, classrooms, lecture halls, science fairs, and science museums, which have incorporated lasers into their educational process. It is intended for staff and students using lasers for academic instruction in university, college, secondary or primary educational facilities.

With 38% more content, this new edition was written with the educator and student in mind and provides much more structured guidance.

New content includes:

  • New and updated definitions and acronyms
  • More detailed information on laser pointers and their safe use
  • Improved guidance on appropriate lasers respective of educational class levels
  • Current warning signs, compliant with ANSI Z535 and ISO 3864 with example lab layouts in color
  • New figures and examples in color illustrating exposure conditions and hazard evaluations
  • More detailed information on the organization and implementation of laser safety and training programs
  • Expanded safety guidance on demonstration lasers with the public
  • Updated tables that include Maximum Permissible Exposures (MPEs) and Nominal Ocular Hazard Distances (NOHD)

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