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ANSI Z136.7-2020 "Testing And Labeling Of Laser Protective Equipment"

ANSI Z136.7-2020 "Testing And Labeling Of Laser Protective Equipment"

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ST-ANSI Z136.7-2020-PAPER


The objective of this standard is to provide reasonable and adequate guidance on the test methods, protocols and specifications for devices used to provide eye protection from lasers and laser systems. Testing procedures are provided in this document to ensure that eyewear, windows, and barriers maintain their specified level of protection throughout the life of the products.

Such protective devices include laser eye protective devices or instrument filters, laser window filters, and laser area protective barriers, screens or beam blocking curtains. Depending on the protective device, laser type, temporal mode of operation and wavelength(s), different test methods may be required.

New in the revised 2020 version:

  • A comparison of different filter types
  • Factors to consider before selecting a filter
  • Refined angular protection test procedures for reflective filters (i.e., dielectric stacks, holograms)
  • Thorough discussion of material damage thresholds, environmental consideration


The recommended stepwise procedure for using this standard is as follows:

  • Determine the type of protective equipment (device); eyewear, barrier, or window.
  • Determine the filter technology used; absorptive, reflective, or hybrid.
  • Determine the material type of eyewear/windows under study: material, metal, plastic, glass, hybrid, etc.
  • Determine the appropriate laser or laser system: continuous wave, Q switched, or sub-nanosecond, or some combination of pulse durations.
  • Determine the wavelength or wavelength band of the laser protection.
  • Determine the specified optical density or barrier threshold level as identified by the manufacturer at the wavelength in question.

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