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RLI LSO Course

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Last Chance to Register for June LSO Courses

Time is running out to register for our premier laser safety training courses, available for attendance through teleconferencing. These courses provide an in-depth, analytical review of the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) duties and requirements of ANSI Z136.1, OSHA, FDA-CDRH and state laser standards.

The courses being offered are:

Students will receive:

  • Course Notebook
  • Z136.1-2014 ANSI Standard "For the Safe Use of Lasers"
  • RLI User's Guide for Laser Safety
  • LAZAN™ Quick Calc Hazard Analysis Software (via download)

For students registering on or before June 11, 2021, RLI will ship the above training materials free of charge so they will be available at the start of the courses. Students registering on or after June 11, 2021 may incur additional shipping charges.

About the Laser Safety Officer Course:

The course begins with a review of basic laser operation with emphasis on those laser characteristics that are important in understanding the laser hazard evaluation for the LSO. After a review of the biological basis, the student will complete an in-depth computation workshop that covers MPE, AEL, NHZ and OD factors. An in-depth discussion of the controls of laser hazards is included.

Options for on-site training programs will be presented including video examples and interactive video/computer programming. Medical surveillance testing will be discussed including examples of various tests. The course concludes with a session on non-beam hazards associated with laser use (i.e. fumes, shock, plume, etc.) with emphasis on industrial hygiene-based solutions.

About the Principles of Lasers Course:

For those who are new to lasers or wish to take a refresher, our Principles of Lasers course is available the day before the LSO course, on June 21, 2021. This one-day introductory course is designed for those responsible for operating and maintaining laser systems, providing a solid introduction to lasers. It also provides a knowledge base for those who plan to continue their professional development and will be attending the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) course.

Meet the Instructors for This Event:

Carol A. Tomczyk, Ph.D., CLSO

Carol A. Tomczyk, Ph.D., CLSO has over 35 years of experience working with various types of lasers, optics, and detectors in very diverse environments and a wide range of disciplines.

Most recently, she was the site LSO at a company developing and manufacturing laser-based portable and handheld chemical analysis devices for use by Emergency Responders. Carol also spent 10.5 years at a leading-edge manufacturer of semiconductor lithography equipment where, she developed high power UV lasers for use in microlithography applications in Class 1 clean room environments. While there, she also conducted laser damage and materials outgassing studies. Before that, she managed the Facility for Laser Spectroscopy in the Chemistry Department at Cornell University, where she coordinated laser use and safety training for six research groups engaged in a wide variety of Physical Chemistry and Biophysical Chemistry research projects.

Her Physical Chemistry is from The Pennsylvania State University, her M.S. in Physical Chemistry is from New York University, and her A.B. in Biochemistry is from Smith College.

Tony Zmorenski, ASP, CSP

Tony Zmorenski is recognized by his peers as having significant experience in the safety of lasers field as applied to the entertainment and out-of-doors environments. He currently serves as the Principal Safety Professional and Laser Safety Officer for one of the world's finest theme parks in Orlando, Florida.

Tony contributes his expertise by serving on the ANSI Z136 ASC, Control Measures Subcommittee of ANSI Z.136.1 Committee "For the Safe Use of Lasers" and also serves on the ANSI Z.136.6 "For the Safe Use of Lasers Out-of-Doors" Committee. He is a Certified Safety Professional, Professional Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers and a Member of the National Fire Protection Association.

For more information regarding our courses, please contact us via email or call us at +1 (513) 272-9900.

RLI Resuming In-Person Attendance in Addition to Teleconfrencing in August

CoursesDue to the Covid crisis,  we have been conducting our LSO courses via teleconferencing only. However, now that restrictions are lifting, we are opening our August LSO courses to in-person attendance as well as attendance via teleconferencing.

The August courses will be held in the Bay Area on the following dates:

For more information about attending our LSO courses, please contact us via email or call us at (800) 94-LASER or +1 (513) 272-9900.
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