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LSO Course

Join Us For Our Premier LSO Course

OphirRLI is excited to announce the next offering of our Laser Safety Officer course in Raleigh-Durham, NC from June 25-28, 2019, hosted by UL.

The LSO course is an intermediate course that provides an in-depth, analytical review of the Laser Safety Officer ( LSO ) duties and requirements of ANSI Z136.1, OSHA, FDA-CDRH and state laser standards.

About This Course:

The course begins with a review of basic laser operation with emphasis on those laser characteristics that are important in understanding the laser hazard evaluation for the LSO. After a review of the biological basis, the student will complete an in-depth computation workshop that covers MPE, AEL, NHZ and OD factors. An in-depth discussion of the controls of laser hazards is included.

Options for on-site training programs will be presented including video examples and interactive video/computer programming. Medical surveillance testing will be discussed including examples of various tests. The course concludes with a session on non-beam hazards associated with laser use (i.e. fumes, shock, plume, etc.) with emphasis on industrial hygiene based solutions.

Also Available:

For those who are new to lasers or wish to take a refresher, our Principles of Lasers course is available the day before the LSO course, on June 24, 2019. This one-day introductory course is designed for those responsible for operating and maintaining laser systems, providing a solid introduction to lasers. It also provides a knowledge base for those who plan to continue their professional development and will be attending the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) course.

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